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The Anger & Traffic Psychology Lab

Welcome to the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi! The lab is directed by Dr. Eric R. Dahlen. We conduct applied psychological research on overt and relational aggression and victimization among emerging adults, dysfunctional anger, clinical traffic psychology (i.e., the study of driver personality in motor vehicle accidents and accident-related behaviors), and related areas.

Much of our recent work focuses on the role of personality and individual differences in a variety of aggressive behaviors. For example, we are currently exploring the role of broad models of normal personality (e.g., the Five Factor model, HEXACO model) and a number of dark personality traits (e.g., psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism) in the context of relational aggression, cyber aggression, aggressive driving, and other antisocial behaviors. We also study a range of social-cognitive and affective factors relevant to these behaviors (e.g., empathy, social anxiety, self-esteem, emotion regulation, impulsivity).

For more information, please see the About Our Research page.
Are you planning to pursue a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology? The Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program at the University of Southern Mississippi offers admission once annually with an application deadline of December 1. Our lab is very interested in receiving applications for Fall 2018 from applicants with overlapping research interests. See our information for students interested in joining the lab, and for more information about applying to the doctoral program, please refer to the application page of the program website.

Current Projects

Examples of projects in progress include:
  • Trait anger and emotion regulation in relational aggression
  • Personality and relational aggression in college students
  • Dark personalty traits in aggressive driving and cyber aggression
  • Interpersonal jealousy and relational aggression in college students' romantic relationships
  • Contingent self-esteem, envy, anger rumination, and fear of negative evaluation in indirect and displaced aggression

Latest News

Future Plans

Examples of projects in the development phase include:
  • Vulnerable narcissism and emotion regulation in suicidal behavior
  • Psychopathic personality traits and social/emotional intelligence in relational aggression
  • Mental health correlates of relational victimization among emerging adults
  • Alcohol-related aggression
Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab
The Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab is directed by Dr. Eric R. Dahlen, and the content of this website represents his views (see disclaimer). Doctoral and master's students in the Counseling Psychology graduate programs and undergraduate students in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi work in the lab. Together, we study overt and relational aggression/victimization, dysfunctional anger, traffic psychology, and related areas. To learn more about the lab and the work we do, please explore this website.