Dr. Dahlen Appointed as Associate Editor

After serving as a member of their Editorial Board for several years, I was recently offered and accepted an appointment to serve as an Associate Editor at Accident Analysis & Prevention (AAP). AAP is a peer-reviewed journal published by Elsevier and affiliated with the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. They publish research on accidental injury and damage from a variety of disciplines, including "studies of human, environmental and vehicular factors influencing the occurrence, type and severity of accidents and injury; the design, implementation and evaluation of countermeasures; biomechanics of impact and human tolerance limits to injury; modeling and statistical analysis of accident data; policy, planning and decision-making in safety." Many of the articles they publish involve investigations of human factors in transportation-related accidents, which is consistent with the lab's work in clinical traffic psychology.

As with any new responsibility, I expect a bit of a learning curve; however, I am excited by the opportunity to learn more about the editorial process and contribute to the field in a new way.
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