Amber Dedeaux at the Mississippi State Research Symposium

Amber Dedeaux at MS State symposium
Pictured here is Amber Dedeaux, a psychology major at the University of Southern Mississippi who has been working with us as an undergraduate research assistant. She has been working closely with Philip Stoner on a project through the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab dealing with jealousy and relationship satisfaction in romantic relational aggression among college women. The data used for this project were collected previously as part of a larger study on relational aggression. Amber and Philip focused on variables that had not yet been examined and found that relationship satisfaction moderated the relationship between cognitive jealousy and relational aggression in intimate partnerships.

Their work led to a poster presentation at Mississippi State University’s Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium (poster available here as a .pdf file). Both Amber and Philip were able to attend the symposium at Mississippi State and found it to be a positive experience. Congratulations to both on their success.
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