Kate Czar Graduates Today

Kate Czar will be graduating with her Ph.D. today. Kate defended her dissertation, a study of cultural differences in relational aggression, last October and completed her predoctoral internship on schedule. I am looking forward to hooding the soon-to-be Dr. Czar at the University of Southern Mississippi's commencement ceremony this afternoon.

Posters Accepted for SEPA

Caitlin Clark, a second-year master's student working in the lab, had a paper based on her master's project accepted for a poster session at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The title is The Role of Parenting in College Student Relational Aggression.

David Boudreaux, a third-year doctoral student working in the lab, co-authored a paper with Deirdre Paulson and Dr. Melanie Leuty, How Do Anger and Culture Affect Mental Health Practice? Deirdre is a second-year doctoral student working in Dr. Leuty's Work & Occupations Research Collaboration Team.

Presentation on Relational Aggression at Texas Psychological Association

Lab alumna, Michelle (Augustin) Christopher will be presenting work based on her dissertation at the Texas Psychological Association's 2012 Annual Convention in Austin, TX. She will have a poster titled "Correlates of Relational Aggression in College Students" in a poster session on November 1 and will then present a paper titled "Validation of the Young Adult Social Behavior Scale" as part of a symposium on November 3.

Congratulations to Michelle on having the poster and presentation accepted!

Anger Listserv

A few years ago, researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay started an anger research consortium for the purpose of advancing collaborative research on anger. We had a primitive website, a Facebook group, and a listserv. Due to increasing demands on our time and changes in university web hosting policies, we soon took down the website and abandoned the Facebook group. We still have the listserv, and while it has been inactive for some time, it will now be maintained by this lab.

In keeping with our original goals, the primary purpose of the listerv is to facilitate communication and collaborative research among persons interested in the scientific study of anger. Participation by clinicians interested in the treatment of persons with anger disorders is also welcome.

You can find the listserv at https://mailman.usm.edu/mailman/listinfo/anger.

David Boudreaux Defends Thesis on Attitudes Toward Anger Management

David Boudreaux, a second-year doctoral student working in the lab, successfully defended his master's thesis today. David's thesis, Attitudes Toward Anger Management Services, involved the development and initial validation of a new self-report instrument for assessing attitudes and stigma associated with anger management services.

The new measure, named the Attitudes Toward Anger Management Scale (ATAMS), was developed through exploratory factor analysis. Initial evidence of construct validity was provided through comparisons with measures of attitudes and stigma of more general psychological help seeking. Additional work to refine the measure and confirm the factor structure will be necessary, but we are encouraged by the initial results.

Lab Welcomes Sarah Burghaus

The Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab is pleased to welcome another new doctoral student this Fall, Sarah Burghaus. Sarah will be joining us from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Congratulations, Sarah! We are looking forward to working with you.

Lab Welcomes Daniel Deason

The Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab is happy to welcome our newest member, Daniel Deason. Daniel will be joining the Counseling Psychology Program in the Fall as a new doctoral student. He is coming from Oklahoma State University - Stillwater. Congratulations, Daniel! We're looking forward to working with you.

Lab to Deliver Free Presentation on Anger and Relational Aggression

anger management
Graduate students working in the lab are sharing their knowledge as part of an ongoing series of presentations sponsored by the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic.

On February 29, 2012, Emily Prather, David Boudreaux, and Caitlin Clark will present “Understanding Anger and Relational Aggression” at 6:30 PM on the University of Southern Mississippi’s Hattiesburg campus.

Learn about the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger, brief strategies for managing anger effectively, and when to seek help for yourself or a loved one. The presenters will also address relational aggression, a behavior associated with bullying in which the aggressor harms the victim’s reputation, status, or feelings of belonging through social exclusion, gossip, etc.). Learn about its relation to anger and its importance in the psychological well-being of adolescents and young adults.

The presentation will be held in Room 109 of Owings-McQuagge Hall. It is free and open to the public.

Anger Management Classes

The anger management program at the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic will soon begin offering anger management classes for persons age 18 and up. We recognize that many of the people referred to the clinic for anger management services do not need individual counseling and that a brief, psychoeducational approach may be useful.

This should be a great opportunity for students working in the lab and others in our program who completed anger management training to gain experience delivering evidence-based services in a group format.

Poster Accepted for APA

A poster based on Emily Prather's thesis has been accepted by the Society of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) for the 2012 convention of the American Psychological Association in Orlando, FL. The poster, titled "Relational Aggression in College Students' Dating Relationships," will report on respondent gender, sex role attitudes, acceptance of couple violence, and trait anger in the context of relational aggression in students' romantic partnerships.

Congratulations to Emily!