Paper on Relational Aggression in College Students Soon to be Published

A paper authored by Eric R. Dahlen, Katherine A. Czar, Emily Prather, and Christy Dyess will soon be published in the Journal of College Student Development. The paper, "Relational aggression and victimization in college students," has been in press for some time, and it will be nice to see it appear in print.

The brief abstract for the paper is below:
For this study we explored relational aggression and victimization in a college sample (N = 307), examining potential gender and race differences, correlates, and the link between relational aggression and common emotional and behavioral problems, independent of relational victimization. Gender and race differences were observed on relational aggression and victimization. Relational aggression in peer and intimate relationships was positively correlated with depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and alcohol problems. Independent of gender, race, and relational victimization, peer relational aggression was predicted by anxiety, trait anger, and personal problems related to alcohol use.
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