Managing Anger During the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLV
If you have ever been to a Super Bowl party during a year when you were not particularly invested in the outcome of the game, you may have had the experience of watching people watch the game. That can sometimes me even more entertaining than the game itself. We have all seen someone overcome with anger when their team makes a mistake or a call does not go their way.

Just in time for Super Bowl XLV, Dr. Martin at All the Rage brings us some useful information on anger in the context of sports. In his article, “The Inciting World of Sports,” Dr. Martin tackles the question of why those of us who watch football and other sports sometimes get so angry that we may do stupid things.

As you might expect, Dr. Martin suggests that the propensity to anger in a sports context can be explained by many of the same psychological processes associated with anger in other contexts (e.g., tension, perceived unfairness). He also explores some that seem unique to sports viewership (e.g., the joy of “smack talk” when one’s team performs well).

Best of all, Dr. Martin offers concrete suggestions to help people cope when emotions run high during the big game. If you are planning to watch the Super Bowl this year and think you might benefit from a cooler-headed approach, you are likely to find something helpful in this article.
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