Gender and Sex Role Egalitarianism in Dating Relational Aggression

Emily Prather, a third year doctoral student working in the lab, defended her thesis today. Emily's thesis was titled Sex Role Egalitarianism and Relational Aggression in Intimate Partnerships.

Surprisingly little is known about relational aggression among college students. Emily's thesis explored the role of sex role egalitarianism, gender, and acceptance of couple violence in college students' dating relationships. She found that acceptance of couple violence predicted the perpetration of relational aggression, independent of trait anger and sex role egalitarianism. Although both respondent gender and sex role egalitarianism predicted relational aggression, there was no evidence that gender moderated the relationship between sex role egalitarianism and relational aggression. For both male and female students, more traditional (i.e., less egalitarian) sex role attitudes were associated with a greater tendency to engage in relationally aggressive behaviors.
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