Doctoral Applications for Fall 2017 Under Review

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December 1 was the application deadline for the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at the University of Southern Mississippi, and the review of applications is now in progress. The outcome of this highly competitive process is that a small number of applicants will be invited to campus to participate in the doctoral program's interview day and interview with Dr. Dahlen.

Following the interviews, 1-2 applicants who are selected for the doctoral program typically receive an offer of admission to the program and the lab. Some applicants who are not selected for the doctoral program may be encouraged to apply to the master's program, as this provides applicants with another opportunity to join the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab and gain the sort of research experience that can strengthen their application to the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at Southern Miss, as well as other doctoral programs.

Coming Soon: Information About Students Working in the Lab

With graduate admissions deadlines approaching, undergraduate students planning to apply to graduate programs in psychology are in the process of researching programs and trying to decide where to apply. Although factors such as one's interest in the research areas of various faculty members, the reputation of the program, and the geographic location of the university are obvious considerations, many students are also curious about their fit with current students. Do they have similar life experiences, interests, abilities, or career goals as the students who are currently succeeding in the programs to which they are applying?

We recognize that this type of information is not always easy to find, so we aim to provide more of it for prospective students considering the doctoral or master's programs in Counseling Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi who are interested in the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab. Specifically, we plan to begin sharing some additional information about the students working in the lab in the form of brief student bios we will make available here. This should be helpful to prospective applicants by giving them a sense of where our current students came from, what they were doing before joining us, what they are working on here, and what they hope to do after they complete their graduate training.

Our first student bio should be ready soon and will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Seeking Applicants Interested in Traffic Psychology

With regard to doctoral and master's admissions for the 2017 academic year, the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab is particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals interested in conducting psychological research on aspects of personality and driving behavior, with relevance to driving anger, aggressive driving, risky driving (e.g., speeding, driving while distracted), and/or accident-related outcomes. A variety of both adaptive and maladaptive personality constructs are of interest in this area. Examples of potentially relevant adaptive personality constructs include empathy for others, emotional intelligence, trait forgiveness, and consideration of the future consequences of one's behavior. Examples of potentially relevant maladaptive personality traits include impulsivity, sensation seeking, boredom proneness, and a variety of "dark personality" traits.

We have several ideas for research projects in this area and are hoping to attract qualified applicants with compatible interests.

Doctoral Program Interview Day

The Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program is holding our annual interview day on February 5, 2016. We had several good applicants this year, and it was not easy to select who to invite to interview.

We are looking forward to meeting the applicants who will be interviewing, hearing about their research ideas, and discussing plans for future research.

Doctoral Admissions Deadline Approaching

Prospective students interested in applying to the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi have until December 1 to do so. Review of applications will begin shortly after the deadline. The process is highly selective, and a small number of applicants will be invited to campus to participate in our program's interview day. For information on doctoral admissions, see the program web page.

As explained on our page for students interested in joining the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab, students who apply to work with Dr. Dahlen and receive an offer of admission to the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program are accepted to work in the lab.