Master's Theses & Projects

The following is a list of master's theses and projects completed at the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab, sorted by year of completion:

Master's Theses

Knight, N. (2015). The dark triad and HEXACO model of personality in relational aggression.

Deason, D. (2014). Personality and relational aggression in college students: The role of social anxiety and rejection sensitivity.

Boudreaux, D. (2012). Attitudes toward anger management services.

Prather, E. (2010). Sex role egalitarianism and relational aggression in intimate partnerships.

Braud, J. (2009). Effects of interpersonal sensitivity and anger on perceived social support.

Czar, K. (2009). The role of psychopathy in female relational aggression.

Moore, M. (2007). The influence of consideration of future consequences, forgiveness, spirituality, and driving anger on driving behavior.

Pseekos, C. (2006). Development of the Academic Stereotype Threat Inventory.

White, R. (2004). The Big Five factors, sensation seeking, and driving anger in the prediction of unsafe driving.

Martin, R. C. (2002). Irrational beliefs and the experience of anger and hostile thoughts.

Master's Projects

Bolton, T. (2017). Predictors of cyber aggression in a college sample.

Clark, C. (2012). The role of parenting in relational aggression and prosocial behavior among emerging adults.

Morris, J. (2008). Investigation of the relationship between dysfunctional anger and substance-related problems.
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