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We recently added the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab to Google’s directory, and we are now working on developing a new Google+ page for the lab. Our Facebook page has been active for a few years, and we are hoping that the new Google+ page will be similarly helpful in making us a bit easier to find on the Internet. Hopefully, this could help prospective students learn about us. In addition, the Google+ page will give people interested in our work who do not use Facebook another place to learn about it.

If you have any ideas about content you’d like to see on the new page, let us know.

Introducing Adijah Battle

Adijah Battle
Adijah Battle is a first year master's student in the Counseling Psychology program at Southern Miss. She is originally from North Carolina, where she graduated in from the University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in psychology in 2016.

As an undergraduate, Adijah worked as a research assistant with a professor who was studying mindfulness. After deciding to continue her education, she applied to the Counseling Psychology Master's Program at Southern Miss because she was impressed with the benefits of the program's in-house training clinic and the high pass rate on the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) obtained by graduates of the doctoral program.

Adijah joined the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab and is currently completing a literature review on depression and social media use. She also hopes to study various aspects of personality during her graduate training. After completing the master's program, Adijah plans to pursue a doctoral degree. She would eventually like to open a private practice with a focus in treating adults.

When asked for advice concerning potential applicants to our master's or doctoral programs, Adijah expressed her belief in the importance of being aware of what one is seeking from graduate training before one applies. Not only does this tend to be associated with a greater probability of success in obtaining admission to a program, but it allows one to begin graduate training with a clear goal in mind toward which one can strive in an efficient manner. Good advice!